An Investment Portfolio of $23.1 B**As at December 31, 2020 - Including commitments

Otéra Capital offers a complete range of commercial real estate financing products and services:

  • Originating, underwriting and closing term or interim loans for Canadian commercial properties
  • Financial engineering allowing the acquisition, syndication or disposition of loans or loan portfolios
  • Acquisition of mortgage bonds
  • Servicing of term or interim loans
  • Special servicing of distressed loans and foreclosed properties


An Active Player in the Major Real Estate Markets Across Canada and the United States of America

Otéra Capital is a leader in commercial real estate debt in Canada. As at December 31, 2020, its investments in Québec totalled $5.1 B including commitments, thus making it one of the largest lenders in terms of commercial real estate mortgage debt in Québec.

Otéra Capital holds the following licenses:

  • Mortgage Brokerage Firm 
  • Mortgage Administrator License #12027 and Mortgage Broker License # 12816 in Ontario
  • Mortgage Broker License in British Columbia
  • Brokerage License authorized to trade in mortgages in Alberta
  • Financing Corporation License in Saskatchewan
  • Mortgage Broker License in Newfoundland and Labrador