Otéra Capital is among the largest commercial real estate debt lenders in Canada. It is a leader in commercial real estate debt, recognized for its expertise, professionalism and reliability. Otéra Capital is a subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, one of Canada’s leading institutional fund managers.

Otéra Capital’s expertise is based on more than 30 years experience in the Canadian market. It provides term and interim loans, and arranges loan syndications. It is also involved in the acquisition or disposition of loan portfolios, acquisition of mortgage bonds, asset management and loan servicing. Such expertise allows Otéra Capital to provide a complete range of commercial real estate lending services to its borrowers.

Personalized Service and Client-Focused Approach

Otéra Capital has a group of commercial real estate lending specialists who have leading-edge expertise in mortgage financing, together with in-depth knowledge of the Canadian real estate market.

Given its client-focused approach, its expert staff works as a team to find financing solutions tailored to its borrowers’ needs.

Disciplined Management

Investment decisions are disciplined and proactively managed on a risk adjusted return basis.